News - Sodium Sulfide Production Method And Process


1. Pulverized coal reduction method, mirabilite and pulverized coal are mixed in a ratio of 100: (21-22.5) (weight ratio) and calcined and reduced at a high temperature of 800-1100 °C, and the resultant is cooled and thermally dissolved into a liquid with dilute lye , after standing for clarification, the upper concentrated lye solution is concentrated to obtain solid sodium sulfide. Tablet (or granule) sodium sulfide product is obtained through transfer tank, tableting (or granulation)
Chemical reaction equation: Na2SO4+2C→Na2S+2CO2

2.Absorption method: 380-420 g/L sodium hydroxide solution is used to absorb waste gas containing H2S>85% hydrogen sulfide, and the obtained product is evaporated and concentrated to obtain sodium sulfide finished product.
Chemical reaction equation: H2S+2NaOH→Na2S+2H2O

3. Barium sulfide method, sodium sulfide can be obtained as a by-product when sodium sulfate and barium sulfide are used for metathesis reaction to prepare precipitated barium sulfate. That
Chemical reaction equation: BaS+Na2SO4→Na2S+BaSO4↓

4. Gas reduction method, in the presence of iron catalyst, hydrogen (or carbon monoxide, producer gas, methane gas) is reacted with sodium sulfate in a boiling furnace, and high-quality anhydrous granular sodium sulfide (containing Na2S 95%) can be obtained. ~97%).
Chemical reaction equation:

5.Production method, the refining method uses sodium sulfide solution with a concentration of about 4% by-product in the process of producing precipitated barium sulfate as the raw material. After pumping it into a double-effect evaporator to evaporate to 23%, it enters the stirring tank to remove iron. , After the carbon removal treatment, the lye is pumped into the evaporator (made of pure nickel material) to evaporate the lye to reach the concentration, and sent to the drum water cooling type tablet machine.

Our factory uses two methods, pulverized coal reduction method and barium sulfide method, to produce sodium sulfide red flakes and yellow flakes.

Post time: Feb-23-2022